A State of Romance

by Cash Totals Zero

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released June 10, 2011

Engineered by Max Dickson
Mastered by Tim Jones

Special thanks to Josie Abbott-Hauxwell, Tim Clough, Fernando Nichols & Justin Radford

Cover photo by Roland Luckow



all rights reserved


Cash Totals Zero Bristol, UK

Do it or don't. It's amazing how many things in life are that easy.

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Track Name: A State of Romance (demo)
I'm in love with the circus, a taste for it's inside of me.
My sense of romance is hardly tame.
For things to be perfect, this side of me you'd never see.
I know you've noticed. I take all the blame.

Being so misunderstood's a central part of me.
But I'm not like them. I'm not the same.
This isn't how I play this. You have a chance, set me free.
In my creations you ask for me by name.

Please know it's not my nature to act this out so callously.
The stakes are high and so's the goal.
I hope you understand I only want to be happy.
It's not the first time I'm led by my resolve.

I hear you still question me. That's how it's got to be.
I will still rise to it. That you can always believe.
Take me further.
Track Name: Drowning Ghosts (demo)
When you're younger your soul cannot be controlled nor guided at all. You had time on your hands, it's now in demand. You have to take hold.

If I could cry out any louder or take some wisdom in the sound, I'd find insight inside of those eyes while you sway so charmingly. Do we not see all of the same things? I'm drowning in that hope. Is it time I let the ghost of this lie and force a change inside of me?

I want be around you even though there were times you didn't know what defined you.

Part of me wants to know those parts you don't show. It's the secret I love. But you made it this far, several holes under par. Still this front can't keep up.

Why don't you tell me what you wanted? A wandering man with broken hands. If I could see again the lies that we led I'd break the truth for all to see. Can't take back from you what happened but know I'm living with my flaws. In given time I'll be free from this. I'll be a man you could believe.

I want be around you even though there were times you didn't know what defined you.